Little Live Pets Lil Cutie Pup Play Case Review

We love the Little Live Pets range and we’ve been fortunate to be able to review some lovely products like Snuggles – the puppy, hamsters and birds. This time round we were sent a Cutie Pup and from the name itself, you must know it’s adorable.

We were sent the Cutie Pup Playcase from Little Live Pets from Character Options. Our puppy is called Ruby and she is white and pink. Aeryn is obviously crazy about her.

She has a white body with pink legs and pink ears with a heart design on it. She has a tiny little crown on her head and a pink nose. Her eyes are the cutest.

Like all the other toys in the range, she is interactive. Turn her on and push the tail upwards to hear her make puppy noises and start scampering around. She is as playful as a real puppy.

Rub her head to hear her bark happily and if you keep rubbing her head she’ll even sing for you.

The set includes a ball and a food bowl. But the ball beneath her nose making sure to align the design on it to her chin and she’ll carry the ball around with her.

Ruby will also beg as when you set her on her hind legs. She’ll make begging noises and then go back on all fours to explore.

I love the the idea of the play case. It’s large enough for little Ruby to explore when you extend it to open up the back. There is also a side flap that can be opened like a real dog carrier.

This particular set is all in pink tones but there are other pups available in different colours.

We think this set is delightful. It is easy to carry around too so great for a visit to Grandma or Aunty. Also prefect for long car journeys.

The Little Live Pets Lil Cutie Pup Play-Case is priced at £22.99 and is available at all major retailers.

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