Little Live Pets Hatching Chick Review

We seem to like hatching things. The kids were quite happy to be sent another egg to hatch – this time from Little Live Pets. We are quite fans of the range as we’ve absolutely loved Snuggles and the hamster.

The Little Live Pets Hatching Chick from Character is adorable and affordable.

The toy is an egg with a little chick inside it. When it is taken out of the packaging, you can hear a tapping from inside and you need to just wait a couple of minutes before a little chick hops out.

It is quite a treat to watch. The egg opens up so you can put the chick back in and have it hatch again and again.

Once the chick is out you can interact with it by petting it’s head and it chirps. Keep petting and it even sings.

We were sent a pink chick called Blossom and the kids love it.

The egg and chick are small and easy for young ones to hold in their hands.

There is a limited edition golden chick to find so there’s an incentive to collect them.

They are moderately priced at £14.99 and we love them.

They are perfect for birthday party bags too.

Little Live Pets are constantly adding to the range and this year there are also hedgehogs that are available as well as more pets in the pipeline for later in the year.

For now though, we love the chicks which I think are perfect for Easter (yes, it will be here before we know it)

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One thought on “Little Live Pets Hatching Chick Review

  1. Aww this is so cute. My youngest had the egg hatching experience at nursery with real baby chicks but this toy would be awesome and perfect as an easter pressie :0)

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