Little Live Bizzy Bubs from Moose Toys : Review

We love babies in our house – I mean seriously love them. We have so many – how can we not!

To add to our ‘Baby Collection’, we were sent some Bizzy Bubs to review and I’m happy to say that they have settled in very well with us and are a delight to have.

Bizzy Bubs are new to the Little Live collection from Character Options and are nothing short of adorable. There are a few to collect and we were sent Poppy and Snowbeam. Each little baby has her own characteristics and here’s more about our two.

The best part of these little babies is that they can walk or crawl and even dance. How cute is that!

Poppy is a lovely little baby with blue hair and a little pink nappy. She has a bottle and dummy. Switch her on and she starts to crawl and babble and will even sing.

Snowbeam has blue hair too but its more an icy blue and she has sparkly eyes. She too has a bottle and dummy. Switch her on and she walks and dances.

You can stick the dummy in the baby’s mouth as well and she will make sucking noises and she does the same with the bottle.

These dolls are the cutest and Aeryn is thrilled with them. She obviously wants to collect the others now and I wouldn’t blame her.

The Bizzy Bubs single packs (£14.99) are available with one doll in them and there are four to collect – Snowbeam, Poppy, Primmp and Polly Petals. There are some gorgeous playsets too – Cute Carrier (£22.99) with Swirlee baby and Cute Crib (£22.99) with Gracie baby.



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