From little girl to little lady: update your little girl’s bedroom

It seems like only yesterday you brought home your little bundle of joy, and now they’re almost as big as you are! But while time flies, their bedrooms don’t always reflect their age…and they grow up so quickly, it can be an easy thing to lose track of!

Most children change their minds on a regular basis, whether it’s if they still like fishfingers or if they no longer like toy they’ve been pestering you for! But when they start to get a little older, both you and your children will get a real sense of what things they’re genuinely into and what they like and dislike.

So, if your little girl has grown out of princesses and wallpaper with their favourite characters on, if they’re no longer into the colour pink or maybe they don’t spend any time in their room because they don’t like it – then this post is a great place to start.

Teen’s Room With Colored Wall

The floor

Is the floor in your child’s room a little worn? Having a threadbare or really dirty looking carpet in a bedroom doesn’t look very appealing, and if your child is hitting their teen years then they’ll probably tell you that themselves! If you’re looking for some flooring inspiration, then check out this website for some ideas.

Hardwood flooring is a nice option as is laminate, ideal if your teen is going to be harbouring overflowing cups and plates in their room! A nice new carpet would also be a lovely addition, bearing in mind the sound absorption qualities that carpet has; you shouldn’t have to listen to their music as well!

A lick of paint

Never underestimate the power of a freshly painted room! Now is the time to get rid of the old, peeling wallpaper and start afresh. You could also get your teen involved and let them choose which colour they would like, and then with the painting too!  If you don’t fancy painting an entire room, then consider a feature wall instead. Whether they opt for bright and bold or subtle and light colours, a freshly painted room will give their room a more personal feel.

New bedding

Everyone loves getting into a freshly made bed. It just makes us feel so much more relaxed! But if the sheets are brand new – then that’s a different game altogether! Perhaps your teen has grown out of their once favourite bedspread, and it’s time to move on. Crisp linen sheets with a few throw pillows in varying colours that compliment your colour scheme is a great place to start.

Hang some artwork

Time to take down those old painted pictures and stick-man drawings. (Perhaps you can hide them somewhere!) Why not choose a wall in the bedroom and make it specifically for displaying things your teen loves or enjoys doing? Gig tickets, movie posters, photographs printed from their Instagram account, plane and travel tickets or maybe even quotes from their favourite authors, or lines from a particular song – the possibilities are endless!

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