Little Big Songs: A Review


I was intrigued by the title – Little Big Songs. Would they be like nursery rhymes? Would they appeal to the children who are obviously very into the latest pop songs.

They are not nursery rhymes. They are songs about day-to-day activities that children are familiar with, about things that they know and about family.

The CD was released on 04/05/2014 and you can find more information here

The CD has the following songs –

  •  Scrub-a-Dub
  • The Day We Moved
  • In the Family
  • Ladybird, Ladybird
  • Ooh, That’s Lovely Grub
  • What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf?
  • Pipes and Taps
  • Have You Ever Made a Wish?
  • They’re Digging Up the Road Again
  • The Smallest Christmas Tree
  • Goodnight, Mr. Moon

All titles words and music by Jerry O’Regan except Goodnight Mr Moon, traditional, words and music arranged Jerry O’Regan.


The accompanying illustrations, by Manchester-based artist Peter Seal and assembled as song videos that you can watch on the Little Big Songs website for free, have also delighted parents. “People say the illustrations really complement the stories and deepen the listening experience very effectively,” Jerry says.

Our thoughts…

Little Big Songs was a hit in our home. We loved the catchy tunes. Since the lyrics accompany the CD, everyone can sing along.

I loved the educational quality of it and I especially like What’s the Time, Mr Wolf? It’s such a lovely song that talks about the entire day in a child’s life while using the familiar game to raise interest. Ladybird, Ladybird is a song about well….a ladybird but ladybirds are normally very intriguing to children and this song piques their interest further.

It is a lovely CD for children and it is one of the car CD’s now as the children love listening to it. Although, it is aimed at pre-school children, I think even older children would enjoy the songs on it.

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Disclaimer: I was sent the Little Big Songs CD for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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