Lighting up the imagination with Philips

My children are still sometimes afraid of the dark and I can quite understand as I used to be afraid of the dark too.

Of course, it’s always the imagination that can get you to think all scary thoughts and then…well, you get scared. How many times when I was young did I pull the covers up to my neck and sometimes even dive completely under them. How often have I lay in bed – needing the loo and just not going because I was scared.

As a child grows, he normally outgrows these fears and is soon back to living the fast life.

The children’s bedroom in our house has probably gone through the most change. As the children grew, we kept to date and change the decor to suit.

I recently had an opportunity to work with Philips and I am so glad I did as the children’s lamps that they sent me were just what we needed to chase those pesky monsters away.

717694016-IMS-en_GBI was sent the Philips Marvel 2-in-1 projector and night light and my son just loves it. I was quite taken with it too and love the Spiderman pictures it made on the wall. As a light it is also bright enough to make the children feel comfortable and sleep through the night without getting nightmares. You can use the light in projector mode and project images of Spiderman on the ceiling or you can keep the light on to a steady constant.

soft palWe were also sent this adorable Mickey Mouse Soft Pal and this is just too cute. It is surprisingly quite bright (but not glaring) and perfect for baby’s room. The great thing about it is that it doesn’t have to be connected to any wires when in use. All you need to do is charge it up with the help of the docking station. The Soft Pal stays cool to touch so you know there is no danger of your little one getting hurt.

I also thought I would take this opportunity to share some results of a poll conducted  about children’s rooms.

Philips Imagination Infographic-page1


Study of 6000 mums & dads across six countries reveals:

·         Most important thing is ‘magical element’ in room say more than a fifth

·         58% redecorate kid’s room more than any other in house

·         Over a fifth say kids want own room above gadgets or games

·         1 in 5 say lighting has positive impact on quality of child’s room

·         87% of children use bedroom for work and learning


Bedroom Monster Graphic: Ever wondered what a kid’s monster looks like?

We polled real kids, here’s what they said:

·         Most monsters have four limbs, and two feet, but feet aren’t always attached to limbs

·         The average monster has three eyes

·         82% of monsters have horns

·         Most monsters have scales, feathers or are bald

Creative Bedroom Deco Top Tips:

Blast away the fear factor for Halloween using light (via lighting designer Tim Meaker):

·         Innovate light use: Add light in places such as under the bed, corners or even in the closet (e.g. Philips Disney LivingColors)

·         Change the vibe: Make potentially scary places warm and inviting by adding softly diffused light (e.g. from a Candle Light)

·         Story Time: Bring stories to life (e.g. using StoryLight) to make their bedroom feel more like a scene from their favorite Disney movie

·         Space Invader: Create more spaces where kids can play and  discover magical spaces.

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