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On 20th January 2016  Dozens of London commuters embraced their inner child today as they joined singer and TV presenter Stacey Solomon in a group pogo along London’s South Bank. The former ‘Queen of the Jungle’ has partnered with Mini Babybel Light in support of their Lighter Start To The Year campaign.

The X Factor finalist was encouraging commuters to replace their usual tedious tube journey with a more entertaining route past some of London’s most iconic landmarks, after recent national statistics revealed Brits are generally more joyful in January than first perceived. The survey, facilitated by Mini Babybel Light, suggests that we’re lightening up when it comes to January, with only 26% of Brits having negative thoughts about the first month of the year and four in five claiming that January isn’t even their least favourite month.

The Lighter Start To The Year campaign is designed to spread joy across the nation. With 42 calories per cheese and naturally high in protein, Mini Babybel Light is the perfect ingredient for a joyful lunch as the nation tries to eat healthier, with one in four people watching what they eat this month.

Stacey Solomon commented: “Today has really encapsulated the feel-good factor that is currently sweeping across the nation. I’m a bubbly person and I try as much as I can to think positively even in January! I’m thrilled that the nation seems to be embracing the start of the year and aren’t afraid to let out their big kid to make themselves feel good.”

Mini Babybel Light is encouraging people to lighten up this January and is available from all major retailers. For more information and tips for a joyful January visit or join the conversation at

I was also quite happy to get to interview Stacey right here –

Stacey Solomon leads London commuters in a group pogo along London’s South Bank this morning


1. What was it like to be on X-factor?

I loved X factor! It was such a crazy whirlwind! I had an amazing time! Made lifelong friends and got to sing along with some of the most inspirational people in the music industry! Whitney Houston, Alicia keys, Michael buble!

2. What made you decide to support this campaign?
I am for ever on the go, and trying to eat well so mini babybel light is the perfect snack for busy bees! I was so excited to go pogoing down the Thames and raising people’s moral on the way to work!!
3. What’s it been like so far – your rise to fame? What major changes have there been in your life?
I’ve been so lucky! I’ve been able to dip my toes into all aspects of the entertainment industry and I love it! My family are so supportive and keep me completely grounded so I still feel like the same girl that started! 
4. What is your top tip for staying positive?
I don’t know!! I think it’s so much nicer to smile at people and receive a smile back! Rather than keeping your head down! I love to stay as positive as I can and that way everyone around you becomes a little more positive!! 
5. What’s your favourite mood boosting food? Does it have a story?
When I’m having a down day! My nana used to make me chicken soup! She called it Jewish penicillin! I try my hardest to create it myself whenever I feel a little low and even though it’s not the same it makes me feel so much better and brings back memories of my nana at the same time!
Thanks so much Stacey for talking to me and answering my questions.
Stacey Solomon leads London commuters in a group pogo along London’s South Bank this morning 4
And here’s a clever infographic on what makes the UK happy…
What Makes The UK Joyful In Winter FINAL-page-001

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