Lighten Up This New Year

After a long haul of festivities this Christmas and New Year, it is time to wind down and relax. Put on your comfy clothes and sit down near the fireplace sipping a cup of warm tea. A new year has arrived ever so meekly and is inviting us to step into a new joyride and be surprised at our wonderful discoveries!

But till the weather warms up a little, we are left to our devices to start this year in all its glory. But beware that this kick-start can cause more harm than good. It is recommended to start the year calmly and mindfully, understand fully the joy of the process. Here is a list of things you can do to keep yourself off stress and chaos at the beginning of the year:

1. Keep a healthy diet-

After weeks of devouring chocolates and wine, this is the time to get your diet back on track. Make a shopping list and opt for greens and lean meat. Choose healthier options before you lose sight and continue on this winding path of unhealthy eating.

2. Take time off-

New Year for many people means the beginning of responsibilities and hard work to achieve the resolutions they have so neatly penned in their diaries and calendars. But be sure to not overwhelm yourself by taking some time out for yourself.

3. Play Bingo-

Bingo is a great way to keep yourself entertained on the long winter nights. Sites like GameVillage  are a great place for a chance to win exciting prizes and make new friends. You can even have Bingo Nights at your place and invite your friends and family to join in on the fun!

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