Letts Wild About Series – Review

My little one has a love-hate relationship with school. At times she cries to go and at times she would even go on the weekend.

She does however like to learn and with the older two sitting down to their homework, she likes to be in on the action and practise her writing as well.

I was quite pleased to be offered these books from the Letts Wild About series to review as I knew she would love them.

I was sent Letts Wild About Maths – Counting and Letts Wild About English – Alphabet.

The first was an alphabet book that teaches young ones the alphabet, how it is written and also the sound it makes. The child does need adult supervision so you may need to sit by and help especially if they can’t read. The book is targeted to children aged 3 – 5 so you will need to tell your child what to do if she cannot read.


The counting book teaches number in a great way as it encourages counting rather than just writing numbers.

What I particularly like about the books is that they are made more interesting by the animals on each page and the fun facts about them.


We enjoyed reading about the barnacles and related them to Finding Dory.

The books encourage interaction and conversation as well as being workbooks as there is a Fact File on each page  that tells you about the animal and a wild fact too (I didn’t really know some of these myself).



After you finish a section, usually 2 pages, your child can go to the explorer area and colour in a star to show what they have achieved.


And they can also get an Explore’s Pass after completing the book.


The books are colourful and well illustrated making them more than just a workbook. The colours are bright and lifelike and Im really pleased that Aeryn asks to do more than one page at a time.

The Letts Wild About series also matches National Curriculum so you know your child is working on what she learns in school.

The books are priced at £3.99 each and are great value for money.

My children moan when I get them workbooks but they have not been moaning about these. Even the older two love to read the facts in the books.

I’ll also be running a giveaway soon where you can win a set of Letts Wild About books for your child so watch this space.

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