Letts KS2 SATs Success Books – Review

The children know that when they come home besides doing their homework, they do some additional learning. Most often it’s just a little bit of Maths practice or some comprehension – nothing too taxing.

With Jadyn, I learnt that it is necessary to start preparations for national tests as soon as possible. Just so that there is no huge build up at the end and the child is able to cope with the pressure that is inevitable at the time.

I look at a range of workbooks for the children to practise from and we usually go with Letts.

We were recently sent these Letts KS2 books to review and they are perfect for preparing for the SATs. For parents whose children are in Year 6, I would suggest getting these books now and not at the last minute. Take the child slowly through the book in keeping with the pace of the school. Iron out any misconceptions or problems the child may have with any topics.

If you look at the curriculum, you will notice that the children build on what they already know so they just progress to bigger numbers in the same topic or maybe different ways of approaching the topic. For example my daughter in year 2 is doing place value and so is my Year 4 son. But of course, the material is suited to their age.

I was looking through these books and they are targeted to children aged 7 – 11. My son is 9 and he could actually work on some topics with ease. It would be a boost to his confidence too.

I love the new look Letts books. They are more children friendly and appealing and look fun. There is a guide for English and Maths with the corresponding workbook making it easy for a child to be taught at home.

I find it is becoming increasingly necessary for a follow up at home as schools cope with budget cuts and having to make do with one teacher for about 30 students. Since all don’t work at the same pace or indeed some may not understand a certain topic, it is necessary to work with your child at home.

Letts KS2 SATs success books are perfect for this. They follow the National Curriculum and explain the topics well. You can also download the audio book at www.lettsrevision.co.uk/ks2

The books are engaging and there are life examples taken to explain Maths problems.

The English Revision Guide teaches how to write effectively as well as the proper use of grammar in writing.

The books are priced at £5.99 each and are great value for money. Jadyn used these books(older versions) to prepare for her SATs and she was well prepared to take her exams.

As mentioned, I love the new look of the books and Letts has a competition on at the moment for the new face of Letts – http://www.letts-revision.co.uk/page/ks2/faces



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