Letts KS1 Revision Guides – Review

With Aeryn in Year 2, I’m well aware of her having her SATS at the end of the year. Now, some may say these are only for the schools to get their recognition and be judged on how well they do but I believe they are important for the children too.

Year 2 marks the end of the infants or EYFS in schools. From Year 3, they enter the Juniors. It’s perhaps good for children to have some soft of evaluation of where they are at in their learning. The children are never made to feel pressured as they do the tests as part of their everyday schoolwork but I am aware that they are prepared for the tests and work on papers similar to what they will be working on for the SATS.

I like the children to do a bit of extra work after school even if it’s just a page of Mathematics or English and I was thrilled when I was invited to work with Letts on their KS1 revision books.

First of all, I love the new cover illustrations. They are bright and bold and yet understated enough to know that they are school work books. We were Maths, English and Science Revision Guide and I find them extremely helpful. They are not only great for understanding what the children are doing in school but also great for explaining certain aspects that that child may not have understood in school.

The practice papers prepare them for the test and make them more confident of sitting the papers.

You even get a free audio book with each book to help you further.

The explanations are simple and easy for a child to understand too. The bright colours inside also make them more appealing to children.

I was particularly happy with the books as Aeryn said that they had covered mostly everything in the book in school – maybe different questions but the topics were the same as the curriculum they follow in school.

Aeryn also enjoys working on these books as there are a few questions at the end of each topic and she is able to work them out on her own. I she needs help, I’m able to help her too. Some parents do get an English tutor or a Maths tutor for their children so that they are able to achieve the grades the parents want them to get. Luckily for me, with a bit of extra homework, we get along fine.

The Letts KS1 Revision Guides are available at all major retailers and from the Collins – Letts Revision for schools site too.


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