A Letter to my 13-year-old daughter on Women’s Day

My Darling Girl,

Happy Women’s Day!

You’re not yet officially called a woman but in many ways I can see a strong woman in you.

Your fierce views on gender equality and feminism tell me you will be one of the strongest women I know.

And I am proud of the fact that I know you will stand up for your right and those of others.

Be an inspiration to women around you to make a change as I know you will when met with a situation that demands it.

You are blessed with an intelligence and a memory that I am sometimes in awe of and behind it is also the perseverance to achieve the best. Extremely good measures for success.

You are also headstrong and arrogant – much like me sometimes and this can perhaps be a bit of a moot point. Turn these into determination and pride in yourself and you have a winning combination.

I know you have what it takes to be top of the game and I wish you every success in your life.

There will be obstacles and hindrances but you can overcome anything if you remain true to yourself and your values.

As I always tell you – you’ll always have a friend in me to listen to whatever you have to say – sometimes pass judgement or sometimes just to lend a ear. But I’m there – 24/7.

I love you from the earth to the sky and back again and all round the world and back again.

Mum xx


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