LEGO Nexo Knights Review

Following on from the very interesting LEGO experience, we were sent some lovely sets to review. The new LEGO Nexo Knights sets are perfect for that very special building experience. The sets are targeted to older boys and Ethan enjoyed building these on his own.

The Glob Lobber


The Glob Lobber – This was pretty easy to build and it had quite a few bits to put together. Once done, it looks like a tank with weapons. Love the Mohawk hairstyle. Ever so cool. It comes with one figure.

Get ready to lob Globlins at the enemy! The Lava monster is attacking the kingdom! Roll the fearsome Glob Lobber into position and fire the Globlins at the Royal Guard. Overcome the protector of the realm of Knighton and lay siege to the castle with this small but powerful crossbow-shaped vehicle featuring two Globlin flick missiles.


Macy’s Thunder Mace


This again is a type of vehicle but comes with 3 figures and and weapons and armour. Easy to put together  – we loved the rapid fire element.

Take the enemy by surprise! Twist the handle to pop up the Thunder Mace’s hidden rapid-fire stud shooters. Take aim and target the Crust Smasher, them jump out of the vehicle with the trusty Macy Bot, grab the Photon Mace and continue the battle! Includes a scannable shield for the NEXO Power Bomb Blast.


The 2-in-1 Aero- Striker V2 


Ethan had his eye on this at the event when it was showcased. It is quite an amazing set and when assembled resembles a plane. It’s flyer and crossbow shooters that actually shoot out weapons make for some serious game play.


Take NEXO KNIGHTSTM role-play to a whole new level and transform into Aaron Fox by using the 2-in-1 Aero-Striker V2 as a crossbow, and pull the trigger to shoot the dual spring-loaded shooters. Then stage an aerial battle between the knight and the winged Ash Attacker with the Aero-Striker V2 which also features an ejectable arrow-shaper flyer, crossbow shooters and two scannable shields.

Some of the sets in the Nexo Knights range include scannable shields to take game play to another level in the App. The LEGO Nexo Knights app lets you scan the shields to harness more power and abilities for the knights in the game, helping them to defeat the villains with ease.

Ethan enjoyed playing with and putting these sets together. They have so much attention to detail and in spite of that are easy to put together.

We enjoyed playing with these sets and look forward to more LEGO fun.


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