The LEGO Nexo Knights 4D Movie at LEGOLAND Windsor

Two weeks ago we headed off to LEGOLAND Windsor once again for another exciting event. We were going to see the new LEGO Nexo Knights 4D film and then head over to the launch party of the new LEGO Friends and LEGO Nexo Knights building sets.

On reaching, we were whisked off to see the 4D film which the children thoroughly enjoyed. I’ll not spoil it for you but it is very exciting with some great special effects. The evil jester has a very evil plan and has to be stopped. Don’t miss it when you visit LEGOLAND.


Then it was party time and the children had so much fun getting their faces painted. They also took part in the games and checked  out the LEGO sets very carefully. They did also have an opportunity to play with LEGO and they had a fab time.


LEGO Friends

The new LEGO Friends range is the Funfair range and has some awesome hot dog stands and roller coasters (yes you read it right) to put together. The range is colourful and looks a whole lot of fun. We can’t wait to get playing.


LEGO Nexo Knights

The LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS range sees the continuation of the story and a chance to defeat Jestro the Evil Jester with more playsets and powers. Some of the products are The Glob Lobber (£7.99), Macey’s thunder mace (£17.99) and Aaron’s Aero Striker V2 (£24.99). There are also larger sets like The Volcanic Lair which is simply awesome and priced at £99.99


They all look amazing and I’m glad to inform you that I shall be reviewing a few on my blog soon so do come back and visit.


The children had a lovely time at the photo booth too.


The rain played spoilsport so we couldn’t do many of the rides. Since we had visited recently though, the children were not too fussed.

They can’t get enough of LEGOLAND though and we left with the promise that we would be back soon. I’m sure we will soon.


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