Lego Hobbit – Attack on Lake-Town: A Review

With it  being sometimes too cold to go outside and play and with the Christmas holidays upon us, it is nice to have toys at home. Ethan loves building with Lego and I always encourage him to do so. It is great for motor skills and creativity.


The movie – The Hobbit is well liked in our home. It is no wonder that that reviewing Lego Hobbit Attack on Lake -Town, was met with great excitement.

The set comes with 5 (yes 5!) mini figures – Bain, son of Bard, Tauriel, Bard the bowman and 2 hunter orcs. Very exciting as they also have weapons.

It is a recreation of a bell tower and has a little boat to put together too.


We really enjoyed making up this set. Yes, I love to get my hands on Lego too. It’s so great to see something tangible evolve before your eyes.

This particular set comes with doors that can open, a crane and a crossbow that can be fired, which is perhaps the part Ethan loves best.


It was easy to assemble as there are very clear instructions.


The quality is the great quality that one associates with Lego and the pieces all meet up easily.


The set is aimed at children 8 years and over and Ethan did require a bit of help with some tricky bits which I had no problem with as it is a great way of spending some quality time together instead of being sat in front of the telly or on the iPad.

hobbit1I loved the attention to detail in the little bits like the ‘lights’ that make the set look so much nicer.


I like these structured sets as they give some direction to what you can build. There is always the option of once having built it, to lend your own special touch and rebuild it to make different playing sets in the same theme.

The set is priced at £34.99 which may seem a bit expensive but when you look at the hours of entertainment that it provides, it is well worth it.


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