Lechuza Cubico Planter Review

We lived in a flat before we moved to this house and the main attraction for the children was the garden.

I quite liked the idea of the garden too and was quite determined to make sure my garden looked lovely. 4 months down the line and it doesn’t.

I think the best part of the garden is my fairy garden.

But, we were recently invited to review some lovely products from Lechuza.



First up, I was sent this lovely blue Cubico planter to review.

The planter is a lovely blue colour and will go well with any decor. I have put my planter on the patio but I could well use it indoors too.

The Lechuza planters are special because they require minimum watering and are ideal if you are going away for a few days etc. You don’t need someone to come and water your plants and you will not end up coming home to dead plants.

If you look at the planter you will see that it seems to come with quite a few parts. I did say that this is no ordinary planter. It has quite a few parts that need to be assembled too but since the instructions are so easy to follow, you’ll have this done in no time. I did and I’m a gardening novice.


Assemble all the parts and then use the Lechuza Pon or substrate to cover the base. Then add the bulb of the plant and cover with compost. As per the instructions for the first 12 weeks you’ll need to water as normal – onto the plant. And then you can add water in the water unit.


I have never been great with plants so I’m hoping that this will work. It was easy to set up and so far the plant has been flowering well. With the cold snap in store, I’ll need to see how well my plant does.


The planters are made for either indoors or outdoors and if you are using it outdoors you’ll need to remove the plug on the planter and the pot. If indoors, of course, ensure that the plug is attached well. The last thing you need is a wet carpet.

This particular planter is priced at about £39.99.

Lechuza has a wide range of planters from large for outdoors to window pots and balconera as well as those for the table.

Keep a watch on my blog posts as there may be a chance for you to win a planter from Lechuza. It may not be this one but it will be lovely, I assure you.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above product to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 


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