Learning to survive breakfast at the Nestlé event

I am not strictly a morning person. But since I had my children, I find I have little or no choice. When the children were younger, they would always wake up with the birds and obviously wake me up. Now that they are in school, I still find myself having to get up early to get everything ready for school. There’s breakfast, packed lunch, book bags, school bags and leaving time for the missing tie, hat, glove, sock?!!

It’s a race every morning no matter how hard I try to take it easy, no matter how much I have prepared the day earlier.

I must say that though I would love to give the children a cooked breakfast every morning, I find myself taking the easy way out and giving them cereals for breakfast most mornings. It is also the perfect way to get milk down them too.


So, when I was invited by Nestlé to attend an event that would show me some breakfast survival tips, I knew I had to be there. Added to that, there was this challenge to try eating some bugs. Could I miss that? No Way!

The rain promised to go away so we could play and it did! We had a pretty easy journey into London and we soon entered the jungle on an adventure that we will definitely remember throughout our lives as…the day we ate bugs!!


As we entered, we were transported into a jungle paradise where the children could be up close and personal with bugs, have their faces painted and taste some of Nestlé ’s cereals.

It was nice to have a chat with Celebrity Mum Marina Fogle, who told me that she knew she had to draw the line when her children decided they each wanted their eggs cooked differently. My thoughts exactly!

She says: “Just like most families, sometimes we find it hard to navigate the jungle of the morning routine. But, however busy we are, making time for a nutritious breakfast is key. A bowl of cereal is not just quick and easy but a source of important nutrients my family needs to start the day in a nutritious balanced way.”

I was also really pleased to meet nutritionist Juliette Kellow and we talked about the benefits of eating whole grain cereals with milk.


So after my little ones had their faces painted, they kind of bullied me into getting mine done and while I was a bit unsure of getting strange glances on the street, the child in me was secretly quite pleased to be sporting a butterfly on the side of my face.

nestle event

Then of course, they had to have cereal (at 1pm) I mean isn’t that what I normally give them at home? Only 6 hours earlier. 🙂


And then the highlight of the day – we were off to try some bugs. Yes – real bugs – some of which were chocolate coated but real nonetheless. They were not wriggling or anything but they were Bugs! I could not believe I did it. I tried out two kinds and then gave up. The children also tried two kinds and I was quite surprised they didn’t feel squeamish.

We were also served some yummy food – fruit sticks and sandwiches which we all enjoyed.

I had the opportunity to meet fellow bloggers and I was quite happy to meet the lovely Victoria Welton from Verily Victoria Vocalises and Lilinha from Lilinha Angel’s World, both of whom I have interacted with online but never had an opportunity to meet.

After that, we walked around the area for a bit – Shaftesbury Avenue and Piccadilly Circus as the weather was quite nice and the sun was out.

We were also given a goody bag which contained some samples of Nestlé cereals which the children have already tried out for breakfast.

To support other parents looking for help to survive the jungle of family breakfast, Marina has teamed up with Nestlé Cereals to launch the ‘Breakfast Survival Guide’, full of tips and advice. For more information visit, or to download the Breakfast Survival Guide, visit. www.Nestlé cereals.co.uk

jes-face paint
I loved the face painting!!

Disclosure: I attended an event held by Nestlé and was provided with a goody bag. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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