Learning to save with Family Investments

I was invited by Family Investments to teach my children about saving. I thought that this would be a rather good opportunity to help Jadyn learn to save so she can spend her money on something she really enjoys rather then spend her money in little bits that are thrown around the house and almost always land up in the vacuum cleaner. (No, it’s not done on purpose – well, maybe sometimes, accidentally on purpose)

We were provided with a few bits and pieces to help us on our way and the first thing I checked out with her was this Pocket Money Calculator online. This is a brilliant help for children to actually see how much they are spending and saving and what they can actually buy with their money in the future. You can make adjustments to the calculator and accordingly check out how much you must save in order to buy what you want.



Jadyn has decided that she wants to save her money rather than spend it on something wasteful as when she actually saw the numbers online and down on her planner that we were sent, she decided that she would rather save it as it looked like it could add up to a good amount.


We were also sent this piggy bank that counts coins so whenever she gets money she drops it in.


So far she has collected –


We are on target and in fact Jadyn has collected more than her pocket money as she has been asking to do more household chores where she can earn money. (yes, some money has to be earned)

We shall be documenting how she is getting on with her savings goals every week so don’t forget to come back and visit to find out how we get on.


Disclaimer: I was sent some a piggy bank and a savings planner to help with this post. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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