LeapFrog Leap Reader Title of the Month – Disney Planes Fire and Rescue

I enjoy working with the LeapFrog Leap Reader Title of the Month. This month we were sent the new Planes Fire and Rescue book.

LeapFrog Leap Reader Disney Planes Fire and Rescue

The story of the book is that of Planes Fire and Rescue – the Disney film. It tells the story of Dusty who dreams of becoming a firefighter and the mistakes he makes and how his dream becomes a reality.


Of course, being LeapFrog, there is more to it than just the story.


There are games to play too. The games teach shapes and mathematical reasoning as well as forces and motion. The shapes were great for Aeryn. Ethan benefitted from forces and motion as that is exactly what he happens to be learning about in school.

LeapFrog Leap Reader Planes Book

I liked the fact that the games make for observation and also in the Campground Rescue game, they learn to count in multiples as well as combine numbers. For e.g -Find 141 units of water by choosing from 100, 10 and 1.


I love my children to play as I firmly believe that childhood is meant for play and when play comes with learning, it is my ideal form of play.

We enjoyed this book. It is priced at £12.99 but could be available on deals if you look around.

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