Leap Reader Reading and Writing System from Leap Frog :A Review

I love toys that teach and help the learning process. Luckily together with all the toys that entertain, I also receive learning toys for the children.

One such toy I received was the Leap Reader from Leap Frog. I had my eye on this one for sometime so I was really pleased to be sent one.

leap reader

My nieces had an older version of the LeapFrog Leapreader and I was pretty intrigued by what it could do. Of course the newer version does so much more.

This simple ‘pen’ is capable of keeping a child entertained for long periods. It ‘reads’ the books and is really easy to use. It is so child-friendly. All one needs do is download the particular audio for the book from the Leap Reader website and then touch it to any page for it to read sentences or words out loud. There are also some fun interactive games within the book.


The Leap Reader also helps with writing and formation of letters. This is what I was quite interested in seeing. I have used some writing apps but it has been quite difficult for a child to actually learn as it is still technically speaking writing on a screen. This is perfect as the child actually writes on paper. It teaches letter formation and guides the writing which I think is great for getting the letters right.

leap reader2

The Leap Reader is great for honing in on listening skills which is an important part of learning. I think so many children are lacking in the ability to listen (some adults are too) and this results in them making mistakes in their school work and home work. It also makes sure that children concentrate.

I like the Trivia part of this toy which shares fun facts with children.


The Leap Reader is so simple to use. With just four buttons, a child can easily get to grips with it. There is also a headphone socket and you can purchase the headphone separately so that the child can play while you watch the telly. 🙂

There is a home button that takes you to the different modes – Audio Books, Trivia, Music.

My children love books but I do know of children who do not have a love for books and this would be a perfect way to get them interested in reading because there is the physical book involved.

leap reader 4

Together with the Leap Reader, I was sent 2 books  – Disney Cars and Monsters University

The books are brilliant and they also come with 3D glasses – what’s not to like?

leap reader3

Each page has different symbols which tell you what can be done on each page –  Read the page, Sound it/Say it/Spell it, Game, Repeat and Stop.

By pointing the Leap Reader to a particular word, it reads just that word too which is great for slightly difficult words for children who can already read basic words.

There are different series of books – Early Learning and Read on your own series which have different levels of difficulty and this is clearly mentioned on each book.

The children love the music mode and it is handy for taking along in the car. The audio books also tell the story without the book which is perfect for long drives.

The Leap Reader comes with a Sampler book and learning paper. You can also download 2 audio books, Trivia Quiz and Learning songs from the Leap Frog Connect website by connecting it with the USB Connector. This is also really easy to do.

My children who use the Leap Reader are aged 5 and 3 and they both love playing with it.


As a parent and a teacher, I love the Leap Reader from Leap Frog as it offers so much learning potential.

The Leap Reader is priced at about ÂŁ40 and is great value for money considering the hours of learning and entertainment that it provides. Books can be purchased separately and though these may look expensive at first glance, they provide excellent learning prospects. Besides, there are sales from time to time where you can pick some really great deals. These books are available online as well as in most major stores.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Leap Reader for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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