Leap Frog Animal Adventure Quest – Book of the Month: Review

We are big fans of anything LeapFrog and have been fortunate to have reviewed q few products from their range. This time we take great please in sharing our review of the book of the month – Animal Adventure Quest.



This is no ordinary book and it will provide loads of fun and reading time.

The box contains a book with information about different biomes and the animals and habitat that can be read with the help of the Leap Reader.


The best bit however is the interactive game that can be played by upto 4 players.

The game involves going through all the different biomes and answering questions  – searching for animals and places with the clues provided and all within a specific time.

I played it with the children and have to admit that I quite got into the spirit of the game myself. It was easy to play yet challenging so that the children didn’t get bored. In fact, the children loved playing it and keep play it often.

animal quest 1

The game cards are interesting and the game board is colourful and attractive to children. It can also be a centre piece for conversations on its own.

The product is of a great quality as one expects from Leap Frog and it is durable and child friendly.

It is great for children to practise reading (for older children) and it is also suited for younger children as you can play the game by just identifying the animals.

It is wonderful for learning through play as it mentions facts about animals and biomes and children don’t realise that they are learning while playing the game.

leap frog animal quest

I find it also great for motor skills and hand to eye coordination as children have to point the Leap Reader pen to locations.

Since the product is interactive, the children also have to hone in on their listening skills.

It is priced at about £16.99 and is available at all major retailers as well as the Leap Frog Website 

Disclaimer: I was sent the above product to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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