Leap and the Lost Dinosaur – Review

You must know how much I love the Leapfrog products. We have reviewed some amazing products in the past and this time we were sent the book of the month for November which is called Leap and the Lost Dinosaur to review with the Leap Reader.


The book is especially appealing to Ethan as he loves dinosaurs.

The story is about Leap finding a dinosaur bone and then taking it to Professor Quigley where they reconstitute it and then return it to it’s own world. As they travel through the past there are some interesting facts shared on the different periods.


You can also choose to play the game and there are cards that accompany the book and these cards contain loads of facts about the dinosaurs including in which country they originate.

The game is really interesting and since you play it alone it is perfect for when you don’t have a friend or sibling. You play as one dinosaur and then find another. After that you compare the two dinosaurs and are asked to identify two common factors and so on. It is great for observation and letting children learn to identify similarities.


I particularly like the little envelope in the book for storing the cards. At least they won’t go missing.

Ethan loves to take up the book every now and then and interact with it. Aeryn being younger is happy to trace over the letters and follow the story.


This book is filled with facts about dinosaur and is really easy to use. Priced at about £12.99 it is great value for money considering the amount of content in the book and the cards.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above product to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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