At the Launch of Monkey on a Plane with Emirates

You may have read our post about our day out with Emirates at the launch of Flight Time Stories. You may have also seen this tweet that followed. 🙂


About 3 weeks ago, we headed across London for another exciting event – the launch of the new book by awards winning author-illustrator duo Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre called Monkey on a Plane.

It was sure to be a treat with the event taking place in the Emirates Aviation and then us getting to ride the Cable Car. We had always wanted to do this but something keeps getting in the way.

The children had a fun filled morning learning to draw the main character of the book as well as creating a story map.

Monkey on a Plane! launched on World Book Day and is available for families to download and read from the Emirates Flight Time Stories website. 

Monkey on a Plane! is part of the Emirates Flight Time Stories programme, which encourages families to get creative and take inspiration from their holidays, and aims to get people excited about travelling during their story time.

Philip and Sarah took inspiration for the book from a story written by Maddison Penney, aged four from Dorset, who last year won the opportunity for her idea to be created into a book. Monkey on a Plane! tells the story of intrepid explorer Enrico the monkey who is bored of living in the forest with his cheeky brothers and sisters, so packs a suitcase to board a plane and embark on a great adventure.

Commenting on the book, Maddison Penney’s mother said: “Maddison is absolutely besotted to see her ideas with such amazing illustrations and for the book to be written and designed by such talented people! Maddison loves reading stories and has such an amazing imagination, so to see those ideas being turned into such a magical story is a dream come true. Since Maddison won the competition it has inspired her to continue writing, and I really hope the book inspires other children to do the same.”

The beautifully illustrated book is also designed to encourage young children to use their own imagination through creative writing and drawing tasks. This includes challenges and tasks for them to complete including dedicated space for them to draw their own monkey and write their own travel-inspired story.

To find out more about Emirates Flight Time Stories, please visit:

They had their books signed by the author duo too and got a chance to look around the Emirates Aviation Experience.

And then we were off on a ride on the cable car which was pretty fun.



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