Lalaloopsy Glitter Hair-Dough Doll Tress Twist and Braid – Review

We love playing with dolls here and when you can create hairstyles, we love them even more. But what if you can actually decide what hair the doll has? That’s sure to be a winner and the Lalaloopsy Glitter Hair-Dough Doll is one such doll.

We were sent the doll to review and Aeryn was thrilled to play with it.

In the box is the doll, 3 different hair dough colours, 3 styling caps, play scissors and hair clips.

How it works is that you need to put a bit of dough into the chamber on the top of the head and then turn the little hair curls to have the dough come out as hair.


You can lengthen the hair by opening the chamber behind the head and adding more dough to it. Then just twist the curls and watch the hair grow.

You can use different colours to make the hair really long.


The doll itself is ever so cute. If you are familiar with Lalaloopsy you’ll know the dolls have little button eyes. They also have cute round faces with a sweet smile. The Lalaloopsy dolls were once rag dolls who magically came to life when the last stitch was sewn. They live in a  colourful world that children love.

This doll has a pink dress made of a plastic like material so it doesn’t get destroyed with the clay. It is inevitable that some clay will fall on the dress. Although I have to say that I found the dough a lot less messy. She has beautiful pink tie-up shoes.

Aeryn loves playing with her and as most girls like to do, styling her hair. We love the many options of play that the doll affords and think it’s a great toy to add to the Christmas list.

The doll is priced at £29.99 and is available at all major retailers.


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