Lalaloopsy Girls – Mittens Fluff and Stuff: A Review

Lalaloopsy dolls have always fascinated my girls and myself. I was quite happy to be offered a review of the new Lalaloopsy Girls range for Jadyn.

These dolls attend La La Prep – Lalaloopsy Academy for Learning Arts and each one has her own personality.

We were sent Mittens Fluff and Stuff.

Lalaloopsy Girls Mittens Fluff and Stuff

She is a doll with blue hair, a lovely white and blue coat and pink leg warmers. Perfect for a little girl. In the package, there is a pyjama set for her, her pet polar bear, a lovely white clip for the receiver and a comb and white clips for the doll.


Now anyone who knows the Lalaloopsy range would know that these dolls are special in their appearance and made to appear sewn together with button eyes.

The Lalaloopsy Girls range is a bit more special as the hair changes colour. All you need to do is to put the hair in hot water and the blue hair (in this case) changes to purple. Great stuff.

Put the hair in cold water and it changes back to blue.

lala4Just to draw your attention here, the blue colour does not change to a dramatic purple. It does change so that you can see the difference in colour but not to change fully to purple. This does not mar the appeal of the doll though and Jadyn loves her.

Ideal for pretend play and styling hair, Mittens Fluff and Stuff is sure to be a huge hit with any little girl. She is freestanding too.

Lalaloopsy girls

You can also visit the website and read all about the girls and even play games and watch videos online.

You can even download the Cloud Sculpting App that has loads of games.

The dolls are priced at £19.99 and would make a perfect gift under the tree this Christmas.

Disclaimer: I received Lalaloopsy Girls Mittens Fluff and Stuff for an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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