Krazy lunchtime with Warburtons

Lunchtime is always quick in our home as our main meal is dinner when we all eat together when Hubs is home.  During the holidays, the children are constantly hungry and by the time it is lunchtime they are quite bored as I am slowly running out of new ideas to keep them entertained.

To liven up lunchtime, Warburtons have brought “Krazy” into the kitchen and launched a game show on their Facebook page. Two families the Griffiths and the McDermotts go head to head to compete in crazy challenges while the kitchen goes “Krazy” around them. The first three episodes are live on their Facebook page and the Final episode goes live tomorrow Friday, 23rd August 2013. It is definitely worth watching so head over to their page and view them going Krazy.

To liven up lunchtime at home, today I decided that we should play ‘Guess the food in the fridge’ and put that into a sandwich/wrap. The ingredients for this delicious lunch were provided by Warburtons. I was sent a hamper consisting of some Warbutons products, vegetables and a fun hat and a mask.

Warburtons hamper

How is the game played?

For example, to describe an avocado – I would give clues to what it is, like green vegetable, motley skin, green on the inside and has a seed, used for guacamole.

I found this way they also learnt a little about the particular food so great learning too. I also let them provide clues so I could guess what they were talking about. The person who was calling out clues got to wear the sailor hat (taking the helm), if you guessed wrong – well, unfortunately you wore the chicken mask.


We also played Blind man’s Food – One person was blindfolded and had to guess the food in front of them first by smell, then touch and then taste. Great for sensory play?

Playing Blind man's food

Of course being lunch time, we did have to eat – so we made some yummy Supreme Chicken sandwiches using the Warburtons sandwich thins, chicken, cucumber and onion and they went down pretty well with no complaints.



Well, obviously they want to do it again tomorrow and I am game seeing that the food went down so easily – greens and all!

Warburtons also has many other interesting recipes on their website and I am going to try some out as they all look delicious.

Disclaimer – I was sent a hamper with ingredients to try out recipes and received a payment for this post.








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