K’NEX Thrill Rides Web Weaver Roller Coaster Review

We’ve never ever had a K’NEX set to play with but we have seen that they are quite cool. We were sent the K’NEX Thrill Rides Web Weaver Roller Coaster Building Set to review and this is the coolest of the lot.

The set contains 430 classic K’NEX pieces to build a roller coaster that stands over 2.5 feet tall. It really is quite impressive.

The car is air-powered and has glow in the dark stickers which are perfect for this time of the year.

The set also features a glow in the dark track which is rather cool when you play with it at night.

This set is from their Thrill Rides range which has other sets where you can build other park rides to have the ultimate Amusement Park at home.

The set comes with instructions and all you need to build it. The instructions are quite clear only it is fiddly in certain areas and can take some time to set up. Ethan and I started together but some bits kept opening up and he got a bit impatient with it. Perhaps I should have done it over a few days.

There was one part – the one near the base that kept coming undone so perhaps it was something we did wrong? It was quite annoying as the car kept bumping into the other part of the track and we had to help it along.

However, the other parts all fit into each other and connect easily.

The spider cards add to the theme and they give an added appeal to the roller coaster.

Once up though, it is quite a magnificent set. And in the dark, it is quite luminous.

The car does not need batteries which is pretty good and zips through at a super speed defying gravity.

You can play with it by placing it vertically or horizontally although in the latter you would require quite a bit of space.

The K’NEX Web Weaver Roller Coaster is priced at £69.99 and is available at all major retailers.



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