Kitty Surprise Review

You may have seen our review of Puppy Surprise. Aeryn even had a video review of the latest series. This time round though we were sent Kitty Surprise from Flair PLC.

The kids love cats (I’m more of a dog person), so they were excited at receiving it.

I think it’s the surprise of not knowing how many kittens there will be, makes for so much fun.

We received Jilly and her kittens and the toy is a plush toy with a plastic face. She has a very fluffy tail that you can brush.

One of the kittens is not in Jilly’s tummy. She is the one that mews when you touch a button on her back.

Aeryn opened up the tummy to reveal two more kittens. One was a boy and one was a girl. We figure blue for boy and pink for girl without sounding gender stereotypical.

So, we have 2 girls and a boy – much like our family.

The kittens are all different – one is pink, another is white and the last one is pink and white.

Mummy cat, Jilly, is mainly white with a purple tail and a purple and white face. She has a sparkly purple collar with a tag in the shape of a heart. She is super soft to touch and lovely to stroke.

Kitty Surprise is a great toy for children aged 3 – 6 years. It teaches a child to nurture animals. Aeryn loves playing with the little kittens and of course with Jilly.

There are more cats to collect in the range too. Kitty Surprise from Flair PLC is priced at £24.99


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2 thoughts on “Kitty Surprise Review

  1. my little girl has been after one of these since last christmas… but i wasn’t 100% sold on them at the time. But after seeing this i think were going to have to buy her one for her birthday coming up shortly. The little kittys are adorable.

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