Kirby and the Magic Paintbrush Nintendo Wii U Game Review

Which child is not a fan of modelling clay/plasticine/play doh  – call it what you like? My 3 love moulding things and making things and we were sent yet another very exciting package from Nintendo. I love receiving the Nintendo packages because they set us challenges both online and offline and both are equally enjoyable.

We were recently sent Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush for the Nintendo Wii U, to try out and it has been a huge success here.

We were sent some modelling clay to create Kirby and some characters from the game as well as some paints to recreate Kirby’s World. Both activities that the children thoroughly enjoyed.

But what they really enjoy doing is playing Kirby and since I enjoy playing it myself, I can see why.

Kirby is a little clay figure that changes shape ever so often to suit the environment. Most of the time though, he is a ball like adorable figure that will steal your heart and make you spend lots of time playing with him when you could be doing housework! 😉


The game began with Kirby’s world being made devoid of colour by a mysterious white gloved hand. The Magic Paintbrush Fairy asks Kirby’s help and with his trusty friend Waddle Dee at his side, he sets off to bring back colour to the world. And does he bring back colour!

The visuals are stunning – the world’s gorgeous making you want to lose yourself in them. You begin with an ink guage and get to draw rainbow ropes for Kirby to move along on or to protect Kirby from danger. Collect 100 stars to allow Kirby to make a star dash which is so important when confronted with metal walls.

You can also play it as a multilevel player game where one player is Kirby and the other’s are Waddle Dees but I found it results in too many people telling one person what to do and you kind of miss the serenity of rolling along on rainbow ropes. In my opinion, it is best played on the Game Pad.

Play with the Amiibo for added powers and new looks.


We all enjoy this game although at times Kirby can be dificult to control and will not walk the rainbow rope.

However, the games breathtaking scenes make up for it and you will never tire of playing with adorable Kirby. Who doesn’t want a world of rainbows?

The game has a pegi rating of 3 which means that all the family can enjoy it. The thing is who gets to the game pad first? Obviously, as Mum, I get first go. 😉

Here is trailer of the game –

Disclaimer: I was sent Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush for review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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