Kidipet – The Virtual Pet for your Child

Every so often there is a toy that we get to review that intrigues me more than it probably does the children. The Kidipet is one of them. We had seen advertisements of telly and it looked like fun. On receiving it, it was even more fun to play with.


Kidipet is brought to you by VTech and everyone knows that VTech is synonymous with a wonderful range of children’s interactive and learning toys. The Kidipet is one such toy.

Kidipet gives a child the responsibility of owning a virtual pet  – feeding it, taking it for a walk, cleaning it, buying food for it and playing games with it.


You start of by the stork bringing your pet (really cute idea) and then you get to name it and set the time and date.

There are different locations that can be accessed by the pointer ring. Turn it to the location you want to go to, to access different activities.

kidipet 10

Home – here you can wash the pony, brush its hair or its teeth.

kidipet 9

Market – Here you can buy or sell items for the pony.


Pet Centre – Access the clinic, fitness centre, training mode or teach the pet to talk. I think the talking option is everyone’s favourite. Say something and have the pony repeat after you. Hilarious and all too sweet!


Games – There are 3 games – finger dance, jump the fences and pony race. We love the jump the fences game the best.


Outing – Take your pet to the beach, park or the forest but beware as like every outing you will be spending money. It will cost you 20 coins for each outing.

Connect – Connect with another Kidipet to send a gift, receive a gift, meet a friend or check to see the last 10 friends you connected with.

The Kidipet works by using the touch screen and I must say that though the screen may seem small, it is very clear and the touch screen works perfectly.

You can also access activities and information about your pet by pressing any of the 4 buttons on the top. The top left hand button is the location button and will depend on where the location pointer is pointing.


The lower left hand button is the clipboard button and gives you information about your pet’s status – its mood, health, whether it is hungry and its hygiene rating, its name and when it was born.



It also gives you messages about the pony – like Toffee is unhappy, play games with her. You can access settings  to change time, set the alarm, the brightness of the screen, language, reset which will erase all present data or calibration which helps to settle the touch screen if it is not working properly.


The top right hand button is Pet mode which allows you to interact with the pony – make it talk or rub its head.


The lower right hand button is the Care button and allows you to feed the pony, take it to the toilet or play with items you earn or buy from the market.

You can also train the pony to do different tricks as you progress through levels.

The Kidipet is a great size, not too big and not too small. It is easy to hold in the hand as it is not very high and there is a wrist strap provided for extra protection.

What we think of the Kidipet? We think it’s fabulous.

Why do we think so?

  • It has a good display
  • There are many activities that you can do with the pony so one doesn’t get bored.
  • It does not need Wi-Fi so you can take it anywhere
  • It is sturdy – very sturdy. I know that for a fact as my youngest has dropped it several times. Of course I would say that there is no need to actually put this to the test should you buy one!
  • It helps children with hand to eye coordination as children need to be able to perform tasks required.
  • It helps children to be responsible – you have to feed the pet, take it to the toilet and look after its hygiene and other needs.
  • It has an alarm – perfect for school days.

20140410_143621 (1)

The Kidipet is taken on all long journeys and my little one even takes it on the school run every day. She is almost 3 but has learnt to complete basic activities with the pony like feeding it, bathing it or taking it to the part.

It is interactive and can keep a child engaged for long periods. When the pony needs something, a sign is displayed in a blurb near its head so you know exactly what it wants.

As a parent I think this is a great toy at a great price of £16.99 I really could find no negative points with this one. The Kidipet is available as a kitten and puppy too.


I have to confess that I have also had a play with it – well purely for review purposes of course. (yeah right!)

If you are looking for a toy that provides hours of entertainment, the Kidipet is it!

Here is a video review of the Kidipet –

Disclaimer: I was sent the Kidipet for an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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