Kick your smoking habit. 6 reasons why you should ditch those cigarettes today

Why did you start smoking? Did your parents smoke? Or did you and your friends try it in school, and you’ve done it ever since? As you probably know, smoking is incredibly addictive, so once you start it’s difficult to stop and let go of your addiction. You’re probably aware of the health factors involved, but there are also many other reasons why you should stop smoking that you may not have even considered.

Read on for 6 reasons why you should ditch those cigarettes today.

There are other alternatives

Did you know that with vaping products, you can still get the nicotine hit your want but without the harmful chemicals and smoke that you’re used to? With a range of hardware to choose from and potentially hundreds of e-liquid flavours to try including menthol and dessert flavours, you’ll never want to go back to cigarettes again! Want to know more? Check out to discover the latest vaping products on the market today.

Your smoking could be harming someone else

Did you know that secondhand smoke is almost as dangerous as first-hand smoke? From lung cancers to heart disease, your habit could be causing other devastating health problems.

You’re shortening your life

It’s reported that heavy smokers are stripping away 10 years of their life, minimum. This means less time with your family, less time to do the things you want to try and experience and less time to live!

You’ll save yourself money

Smoking is an incredibly expensive habit. And the cost is increasing year upon year. Deciding to quit smoking will keep your money in your pocket and will leave you better off financially each month. If you choose to vape rather than smoke, you’ll also save money!

You could be setting a bad example

As mentioned above, if you started smoking because your parents did or an older sibling, then you’re more likely to pick up the habit yourself. So, if you have young children at home, they could be influenced into believing that smoking is something that they should try, and as a result, they lower their life expectancy and exposes themselves to all kinds of severe health problems.

Say goodbye to the smell of smoke

Quit smoking, and you’ll no longer have to deal with the smell of smoke in your home, in your car, on your kids, on your clothes and on your breath.

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