Keep warm with Hugo-Frosch hot water bottles this winter


With cold days fast approaching, it would be lovely to cuddle up with a hot water bottle. You may or may not have heard of Hugo-Frosch who manufactures quality eco hot water bottles, but I was lucky enough to be able to review this gorgeous hot water bottle for children.

I was sent 2 hot water bottles – one for adults and another for children.

The adult one looks like any other hot water bottle but the rubber is a bit thicker than others I have seen and the safety lock is pretty good as it does not allow any water out.

I am a bit sceptical of using hot water bottles for children as I am always worried about the water leaking out. This hot water bottle put me at ease. I mean who can possibly not adore this little woolly lamb?


This hot water bottle has a 3-in-one function. It can be used as a pillow if laid flat, or a lamb toy if you use the strap to attach it and if you put the hot water bottle inside it – well, it is a hot water bottle for children.


It is cuddly and cute and Aeryn loves cuddling up with it. I have tried out the hot water bottle with it too and it seems perfectly safe for children. I was careful not to put very hot water into it, of course but the safety clip is very secure and I am completely as ease when she is using it. I am sure that I am going to be filling up that bottle very often in winter as Jadyn likes having the bootle inside the lamb. It is available on Amazon for £34.50


Another great thing about the bottles is that they do not come with that funny odour that most bottles come with. They are also phthalates and PVC free so I know that there are no harmful products.

They come with a 2 year warranty so that is a big plus point too.

Hot water bottles provide comfort for joint pains, cramps, abdominal pains or they are great fro cuddling up with too, on cold winter days.

You can visit the website or check Amazon where some of the products are featured.

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