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I love the holidays. It’s great to be able to unwind with the children and not be getting up with the alarm to do the school run. The children also take it easy (obviously) as we go easy on their bedtime and waking up.

Perhaps it’s the teacher in me but I believe that even during the holidays the children need to keep in touch with their school work. It may not actually mean sitting at a desk and writing for hours. For me, I like the children to learn over summer without taking the fun out of the holidays.

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These tips from Tutorfair are perfect for summer learning  as I can have my children learning on the go and these are my favourites –

1. Reading –  one of our favourite pastimes. I am happy that my children love reading and I keep this going over summer with books that are age appropriate and I even encourage them to try and read up a level. I was not surprised to know that reading 4 – 5 books over summer is comparable to attending summer school. A good incentive is to have your children join the Summer Reading Challenge held by most libraries. There’s nothing to stop you from making you own Challenge at home too with some prizes thrown in.

2. Telling stories – This is a great tip and we love doing this in on car journeys. It keeps the imagination going and you’ll be surprised how inventive children can be. Postcards are also a great way of keeping the writing alive during the holiday.

3. I am definitely going to try these Maths tips. Isn’t it a brilliant idea to set up a lemonade stall or even cupcake stalls and get the children to learn about profit and earnings. Puzzles are also a great way of keeping Maths learning going over the summer especially ones like Calcudoku and Kakuro.

There are loads of ways to keep the learning going during the summer and I try to make each day out a learning experience in itself. But it may also be a good idea to get a tutor for your children over summer especially if they have fallen back in school.

Tutorfair Website

Tutorfair seems to have learning sorted for the summer. It is an online site where you can book tutors in your area to support your child’s learning. Summer Tuition helps to increase confidence, avoid boredom, prevent the summer slide and make a smooth transition into school. Since tutors work around your schedule, it is an ideal way of keeping learning going.

For every student that pays, Tutorfair gives free tuition to one who can’t – I think this is a lovely gesture as there are many children who cannot afford the tuition that they need to build their confidence.



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