Keep the Children Busy with Bizzy Bitz

The children love getting creative and when I was offered a review of the new Bizzy Bitz, I knew it would appeal to all of them. I didn’t know how much.

Bizzy Bitz are available in an assortment of colours and shapes and are joined by ball and socket style system. They are perfect for little hands and the children enjoyed creating different things with them.


The Bizzy Bitz set came with quite a few instructions to create different things and the children followed these easily to create some lovely products. Jadyn is particularly proud of her violin


and her handbag.


I found these bits easy to put together and once put together created sturdy play pieces. The flexible way of joining them together means that you can create several products that can open and close or turn around like for example a windmill.



The Bizzy Bits help in promoting creativity, hand to eye coordination and motor skills.


We received the 350+ box and this is priced at £37.99 and I think this is good value for money as you can make quite a few products with them.


Perfect for children to get their creative juices flowing, I would recommend these wholeheartedly.

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