How to Keep Your Fitness When Travelling

Travelling the world is possibly one of the greatest experiences you’ll ever have, but there’s no reason why your health and fitness should suffer while you’re away. If you’re a fitness freak, working out once or twice a day isn’t going to be challenging. But, if you’re not that motivated when it comes to exercise, you’ll need a push in the right direction. If you want to stay in shape throughout your travelling experience, consider implementing the following tips in your day to day adventures.

Always Do the Best You Can

To stay fit while travelling, you need to be motivated. You’re not going to have any motivation to undertake fitness regimes if you stress yourself out about keeping fit. Enjoy the experience of travelling and exercise when you can – that’s the best advice you can follow. Don’t make a fitness plan because it’ll be hard to stick to. Instead, concentrate on enjoying yourself and, more often than not, it’ll make you happier and more motivated to exercise when you’ve not got anything else planned.

Take Advantage of Online Fitness Programs

The Bingo Wings Challenge on Gala Bingo is a simple, yet effective exercise program you can follow when you’re on your travels. Called the “Bingo Wings Challenge”, Sherie Hewson shows how it’s possible to undertake simple upper-arm fitness training wherever you are. It’s simple online fitness programs like these that can make the world of difference when it comes to getting your fitness up to a level you’re happy with. Look at these other online fitness programs you can do while travelling.

Walk Where Possible

It’s easy to jump into a taxi to get to your destination a mile away because taxis are going to be a lot cheaper than at home. However, walking is vital to your fitness and it’s the most basic exercise you can do while you enjoy the environment and sites around you. In fact, it’s easily possible to mix exercise with excursions. For example, undertake a tough hike once a week so you get to see the country in more detail and your body gets the workout it needs to stay in shape. Experts recommend a minimum of 150 minutes exercise each week, so a two-hour hike would take a large chunk of that time away. And make sure to have the proper  hiking gear. 

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking water isn’t necessarily going to provide you with any physical benefits as such, but it is going to keep you hydrated throughout the day – and that’s what’s going to give you the energy and motivation you need to keep your fitness together.

Don’t Eat Two Bad Meals in a Row

You need to enjoy the culture in whatever country you’re visiting, so eating the odd bad meal or two isn’t going to have a huge negative impact on your fitness. However, try to be sensible and enjoy one bad meal and then something healthy to counter the calories.

Of course, how much motivation you have to keep your fitness will make the difference in how well you stay in shape on your travels. As long as you’re sensible and enjoy your experience, there’s no reason why you won’t have copious amounts of motivation to work out multiple times a week.


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