How to keep your children entertained during the summer holidays

For most parents, keeping their children amused throughout the school holidays is a challenging task. However, it really does not need to be anything like that! Here are some ideas that guarantee lots of summer family fun that take the stress out of it!

1. Check Local Area Events

There is usually lots going on in your local area every summer (most of the time, free) so try to find things that your family can enjoy (check the local council’s website(s), local fire stations for an open day, local leisure centre or community centre). The local library will definitely have plenty of ads of events and you may even find out that there are library-hosted evens, such as arts and crafts days and toddler story time. Another great place to check is the local council swimming pool or any other pool open to the public in your area. That aside, art galleries usually put out special events for kids every summer and often have new exhibitions, too.

2. At-Home Activities

For the days you can’t go out and about, there are plenty of activities to do with the little ones. For example, you can:

  • Have a Watch DVD’s day. Pick a couple of your favourite movies, make some popcorn, and enjoy the moment.
  • Pick a recipe with the children and get cooking. This includes shopping for the ingredients and following directions to prepare something you can all enjoy later. If you search online, you will find a ton of recipes for kids to get their hands on!
  • Dig out games, puzzles, and books and let the kids enjoy some old-fashioned entertainment!
  • Encourage the children to put on a magic show or play, or you may even play dress up with some old clothes lying in the cupboards. This is also a fantastic opportunity to teach recycling (you can recycle the clothes the kids have grown out of, or you don’t wear anymore).
  • Build a den with sofa cushions, boxes, and a few blankets (use your imagination!). If the weather allows it, you can also do this activity outside.

3. Party Time!

If you have a garden, there is no better time to throw a garden party for the children and their friends than summertime. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy or expensive, though. Some yummy treats, smoothies, and balls will do the trick. You can organise the party in the form of a camping trip or picnic and lay tablecloths on the lawn and have kids enjoy their brunch there or camp there for one night! A treasure hunt is an excellent party idea that you can easily take outside the home. Just find the nearest park and give your kids some clues to find the hidden treasure.

4. Kids’ Favourites

Children just love painting so get some crayons or paints and canvas and let them express their creativity. You may also buy beads and have them make some jewellery (girls will

adore you). Old favourites, such as marbles, hopscotch, and Origami also worth a spot on your list of summer activities.

Sack races are also great fun and the same goes for biking and flying a kite. Not to mention playing with water! Fill up a plastic swimming pool with water and let them splash for hours non-end! Or spend an afternoon water balloon bombing or car washing (it will probably turn into a huge water fight, but who cares anyway?).

Finally, you can encourage them to grow things in the flower bed or even go strawberry picking to make jam.

Don’t think that you need to stress yourself over filling every second of each day. Let the children play in the garden or their rooms using their imagination. You’ll surely be surprised!

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