The Jungle Bunch Movie Review

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to the very interesting special screening of The Jungle Bunch. Have you heard of it?

Here’s what it’s about –

The Jungle Bunch follows a gang of misfit animals on a mission to protect their jungle home. In their first big screen adventure, the Jungle Bunch’s tiger striped Kung Fu penguin leader Maurice and his comrades – a goldfish, tarsier and gorilla – fight to protect the jungle from a gang of silly baboons lead by Igor the evil Koala.

The screening itself was lovely. There was face painting and balloon making. The children could also make masks if they wished.

There were breakfast pastries and drinks too.

The children had Maurice painted on their hands and Ethan decided to sport a tiger eye which was pretty cool.

Their masks were lovely too.

It was time for the screening and as we headed into the cinema, we were quite excited as we had seen the trailer.

Now as you know, The Jungle Bunch is in cinemas only on the 15th – tomorrow. Because of this, I can’t tell you much or I’ll give the story away. I’ll tell you that we did enjoy the film though and it’s a great family movie.

I would say that it’s targeted more to younger children as there is a lot of the fanciful in it. There’s a lot of adventure too and children love animals so it will go down well with them.

There are some moments when the animals are in danger but there’s nothing scary about the film.

Igor as the evil Koala is the perfect villain as he tries to use his evil creations to destroy the jungle with mushroom bombs. Maurice and his friends are brave and yet display human elements by making mistakes. I think the story also teaches never to give up.

The kids had a lovely time and enjoyed the film.


Here’s a video to tell you all about the day and what we thought of the movie –

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8 thoughts on “The Jungle Bunch Movie Review

  1. I work in a cinema and have been wondering about this film. It seems like an interesting story though, and it sounds like most kids will enjoy it! Can’t beat a good animated film with animals can you?!

  2. I actually never heard of this movie yet, but also, my kids are way too “old” for this kind of movie probably haha Nice to hear you had a good time at the screening.

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