Joules Country Clothing and Homeware: Review

I almost wish it snows – because of this…

joules wellies

I was sent these beautiful wellies last week to review and the sun has been shining ever since! Do you think it would look odd if I wore them even in the sunshine or would people just think that I am making a fashion statement?

joules wellies 1

These stylish wellies from Joules are just the thing for the rain. Ideal for long walks in the countryside, they are just what I was looking for. I have not worn them out as yet but I have walked around in them and they are very comfortable. These wellies are a size 6 but fit me well even though I wear a size 5 with other shoes.

I love the little gold buckle at the side and the purple and navy stripes make it very attractive. Such a change from the normal single coloured ones. The strips in golden yellow along the back further sets off the colours.

They are made from synthetic material and are well-priced at £39.95 There is a wide range of wellies on the Joules country clothing website and I am sure you will find your ideal pair there.

joules plates

 I was also sent these lovely plates from the Joules Home collection and I have to admit that they actually look lovelier than when I saw them online. When I told my 9 year old daughter that I had some beautiful badger plates at home, she told me she didn’t want a baby plate. When she saw them she changed her mind and now loves to eat in them.

joules plates1

Although I love serving food in them, I am also careful not to use them too much with the children as I don’t want them to chip or break. They just look too good. I received the one with the badger, the fox and the rabbit. All the colours complement the picture of the animal perfectly. The plates are not totally flat which I like. They are not too heavy nor are they light so that they look cheap.

WP_001746 (1)

Made from bone china, the plates are priced at £8.95 each and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Although they have animals on them, they are not strictly children’s tableware and would look great on any set table. The colours are not too bright not are they dull.

At £8.95 each, the plate could be considered expensive but if you look at the quality and workmanship of the plate, you could justify the price.

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