JoJo Siwa Bodacious Bow and Microphone Review

When I first saw the JoJo bows, I thought they looked rather cute and it kind of took me back to some of the olden days films where the girls would wear bows. I then saw that they were being banned in some schools and I think I agreed with it until my youngest asked me for one in school colours. She said all the girls were wearing one. (all being an exaggeration, of course)

I did think that paying so much for a hair accessory was a bit too much forgetting all the times I asked for a ridiculously expensive accessory while I was growing up. I didn’t often get what I wanted but sometimes on the rare occasion, I was indulged. Like the time, my Dad took me to the market and bought me socks in 7 different colours (when I needed one) just because…

I did find myself going out and picking up a JoJo bow for Aeryn (actually I picked up two) and they do look cute on her.

I quite fancy one myself but it would never go down well with my children.

Thank goodness I was sent some JoJo Siwa products to review as it stopped me from buying more.


We were sent this JoJo Bodacious Bow and the JoJo Siwa microphone.

The JoJo Bodacious bow we received is yellow in colour with a multi coloured hair extension. In JoJo style, it is a large bow that can sit in the hair with a barrette.

The JoJo Microphone lights up and you can also connect an MP3 player to belt out your favourite tune.

It has 3 modes – music mode, microphone mode and MP3 mode. The music mode plays JoJo’s song Boomerang. It requires 2AAA batteries which are included.

The JoJo Bodacious Bow is priced at £9.99 and the Microphone is priced at £14.99. They are available at all major toy retailers.

They would make perfect Christmas presents for any JoJo Siva fans.


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