Join the Cool Create Club…

If you have been reading all the craft we have been up to, you will have noticed that we reviewed quite a few products from Cool Create – Daisy Chains, Swap Watch and Suteki.

Well, Cool Create also has a super cool Cool Create Club which Jadyn has joined and it is a place where children can get creative with different craft ideas. There are plenty of lovely prizes to be won too.

What’s more if you would like some of your beautiful crafts displayed you can have it showcased on the Cool Create Wall. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Not only that, if your creation is chosen you may even win a fabulous Cool Create prize!

And the icing on the cake…’s free to join!

Please do visit the website at  and don’t forget to mention JACINTAZ3 as the blog name.

Join the Cool Create Club before half term and keep the boredom away. I hope you win many lovely prizes.

Disclaimer: I was under no obligation to write this post. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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