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When one loses one’s job, for whatever the reason, it’s hard. Harder still is getting back on one’s feet and looking for a new job.

Back in the old days, one had to rely on the post to be able to apply for new jobs and I have had the personal experience of missing a job offer because – well the letter didn’t get to me on time and I didn’t respond so someone else got the job. Not my fault I know but that’s the way things were.

Nowadays it is especially beneficial to have everything online. If I am looking for a job, all I need to do is look for job sites that have a job board. From there all I need to do is register with the job site and then apply for the job I am interested in.

Most times, one is able to upload a CV and have their details stored so if there are other jobs that are appealing, you do not have to keep filling forms in. Details are automatically entered into the form and even the CV can be uploaded to the application from the site itself.

In many instances one can also set up a search feature which will allow you to have preferred jobs delivered right to your email inbox. I find this super convenient as it saves me the trouble of going back to the site and searching for jobs every time. By setting up a ‘search’ I know that I am getting relevant jobs advertisements as specified by me. Again all I need do is click on a link to sign into my account and apply for the given job.

I literally don’t have to do anything except use my internet and computer. If one does not have access to a computer, there are internet cafes or local libraries where one can do this.

Things have changed so much since years before and while we may baulk at the use of technology – one has to admit that it has made our lives easier and more convenient albeit while making us a tad bit lazy!

Job sites are quite popular nowadays with both employers and potential employees using them. They are an effective way of employers getting the most suitable candidate and the employee getting his preferred position.

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