Jamie and Furi’s Butternut Squash Muffins

We were very excited when we were invited to try out one of Jamie Oliver’s recipes and write about it on the blog as we are huge fans. Moreover, we had a lovely hamper being delivered with lots of goodies to create the recipe.


And….there’s more. There was also the mention of Moshi Monsters!! You must be knowing by now (if you are a regular reader) that we are Moshi mad.

But what do the Moshi Monsters have to do with Jamie Oliver?

Jamie together with everyone’s favourite character Furi, wants to inspire young budding chefs around the world to get into the kitchen and learn how to cook. They believe food education is a human right for every child and the more children know about what they are eating, the healthier they will be.

Jamie and Furi have created lovely Butternut Squash Muffins in this lovely video and to celebrate this Jamie has been transformed  into a ‘fang-tastic’ Moshling character, with the chef’s signature quiff and plaid shirt – Jammie Olive Oil. (Jadyn can’t wait to get this Moshling!!)

Jammie Oliver Oil

Keen to put the ‘grr’ into great food, Jamie is working alongside the Moshi Monsters with the aim to reach out to young budding chefs around the world through his YouTube channel, Food Tube, and inspire them to get into the kitchen.

Food Tube

Furi is just one of the latest guest stars on Jamie’s Food Tube channel, with the chef regularly welcoming fellow YouTubers and chefs to join him in the kitchen. With expert tutorials, easy to follow recipes and good food, Jamie and Furi are aiming to excite a new generation of chefs to get creative.


Jamie Oliver was excited to work with Furi and said, “My kids love Moshi Monsters and are big fans, so to get transformed in to a Moshling character has made me the coolest dad ever. The fact that I’m able to encourage children to start cooking makes this partnership even better. Kids are never too young to start learning about different fruits and vegetables, or even how to cook, and this year I’m hoping Food Tube will encourage more people to be creative with their cooking.”

Now I have to be honest, when I heard that we were going to be trying butternut squash muffins, we had a bit of a ‘Eww’ moment as I always associated it with soups and stews. After trying out the recipe, we are sold and we will probably be experimenting more with veggies in our muffins. These were DELICIOUS. They were soft and moist and rose to perfection. And the icing was a perfect complement to it. The zesty, zingy taste made the muffins quite scrumptious. We mixed some raspberries into the icing and the combination was lovely.


And…the children ate the squash without any complaints. Well, they wouldn’t have any seeing as they tasted so good.

It was easy to make and I loved the idea of putting everything into the blender. It saved so much time. (That was a first for me too as I have always mixed cakes with a spoon or a hand mixer.


We also had a lot of help from all our Moshling friends. Furi was so excited that he almost fell into the blender!! Jadyn rescued him in time. Phew!!



Here is the recipe –

Recipe Card-page-001

Recipe Card-page-002

If you think this sounds like fun and you would like to receive a hamper like mine to recreate the recipe together with a few treats from the Jamie Oliver range and Moshi Monsters, I have a treat in store for you. As a very special follower of my blog, you can win an amazing hamper with all that I just mentioned. All you need to do is click here to go to the competition page.


Here is the very exciting video of Jamie and Furi cooking together –

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