Jacky Ha-Ha Mother and Daughter Book Club

We love reading but we’ve never had an opportunity to host a book club. We were thrilled to be provided with an opportunity with Mumsnet and Jacky Ha-Ha.



Here’s the blurb of the book –

With her irresistible urge to tell a joke in every situation – even when she really, really shouldn’t – twelve-year-old Jacky HaHaloves to make people laugh. And cracking wise helps distract her from thinking about not-so-funny things in her life, like her mum serving in a dangerous, faraway war, and a dad who’s hardly ever home.
But no matter how much fun Jacky has, she can’t seem to escape her worries. So one starlit night, she makes a promise to keep her family together… even if she has to give up the one thing that makes her happy. But can she stop being Jacky HaHa, if that’s who she really is?

We were provided with goodies, activities and 6 copies of the book to hand out to our guests as part of the campaign.


Here’s how we got on.

The girls enjoyed creating books covers and solving the wordsearch all the while dipping into the sweets.

They also did a good job of designing book covers –

And then we decided to sit down with our books and do a little reading before we discussed the book.

Some of the questions were –

  1. Why does Jacky become the class clown?
  2. What can’t she stop making jokes, even when she tries?
  3. Why is Jacky so impresses with Mr’s O’Mara?
  4. Who are your female role models? 
  5. Why are they important to you? (Jadyn said I was – Proud Mum Moment!)


The girls had a lovely time posing for pictures. Here’s one of Jadyn.


They were thrilled to go home with a copy of the book and a poster each. We also made little sweetie bags for them to take home.

It was a very successful afternoon and I would love to do more of this with the children.

Jadyn has since then completed the book and she loves it. She found it funny as well as sad at times as Jacky struggles with a stutter and the problems of having parents away. The illustrations added to the appeal.

Having just read the Middle School series, she loved the book similar in tone and looks forward to reading more in the Jacky Ha-Ha series.

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