Jacintaz3 at the Grossery Gang Movie

On Tuesday, we headed off to London for an exciting event – The Grossery Gang Movie screening.

The kids were excited. I was not. To be honest – the grossery gang movie sounded gross. But I knew the kids would enjoy it. And I wasn’t wrong.

We walked into the lovely Courthouse Hotel and we got a picture with Pizza Face (or Putrid Pizza as he’s called in the film).

As we settled in our seats to watch the film, we were treated to Popcorn and ice-cream.

Then it was time for the film –

It’s all about the Grossery Gang fighting against the clean team and using Putrid Power to win. The Grossery Gang want to be able to keep Cheap Town as ‘gross’ as possible. Will they succeed? I’ll leave you to decide as you can watch the short film on YouTube.

The kids loved it.


After the movie, there were a number of activities which included putting your hand into gloop and guessing what it was – read spaghetti and sauce and something that Aeryn swears was vomit!! (it wasn’t, of course) She now has a tale to tell when she goes back to school.

They also got to put their hand in jelly and search for a special egg.

And there was food too. You may think that the kids would have lost their appetites by then, but it seems they were unfazed by the ‘gross-ity’ of the situation. They all ate well.

To continue the gross mood, the children were given goody bags that they just adored. Who knew that a can of gloop/putty could bring so much joy. (It’s on my Christmas list now)

We had a really enjoyable time at the  screening and if you have a Grossery Gang fan at home, you can catch the film by clicking the link below –


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