Jacintaz3 Go Shopping at Centrale, Croydon

We were recently invited to a very exciting day out – at Centrale in Croydon.


It is beyond doubt that a shopping experience can be very exciting for a mum but the children (especially my younger two) normally moan about it.

On this particular occasion though, there were no complaints.

You see, it had to do with building a bear and the promise of ice-cream. Don’t blame me – I’m not spoiling the kids. It all has to do with the event managers – whom I thank wholeheartedly for bringing big smiles to my children’s faces and giving them a wonderful day out.




I actually believe that a shopping centre can be quite an entertaining place for a family – there are loads of shops to browse and good restaurants around. Plus there’s always ice-cream! And the biggest plus – you don’t have to worry about the weather.

I had been to Centrale only once, a long time ago by car. Surprisingly, last week, it was easy to get to by train (it took a lot less time than by car) and is just a short walk from East Croydon Station.


We were first treated to a little party by the Build-A-Bear Workshop team and the children got to take part in activities and yes – build a bear of their own. They whine when I am choosing clothes to buy but funny how I’m not allowed to when they are choosing a bear and clothes to match. They take just as long, if not longer.

The children had a lovely time and you should have seen the smiles on their faces when they walked out of the store about 8 hours later…. (gross exaggeration!)


From this wonderland, we were whisked off to Gelatos for lunch. No, we didn’t have ice-cream for lunch. Well, not only…


We were treated to some delicious paninis that the kids ate with relish and then had enough place for this…


We were also invited to Hello Gorgeous and shown around the store. We were handed a voucher to book any treatment/photoshoot. I can’t wait to take the children and get them photographed. It looks like an amazing experience.

Do come back and find out how we got on.

We also wandered around the shopping centre and put a few things onto our wishlists. 🙂

There were some very tired but very happy children on the train home. I had no dragging feet at all.


Disclaimer: We were invited to Centrale Croydon and treated to lunch and a Build-A-Bear Workshop experience. We were also provided with a gift card. All ideas and opinions are my own and have in no way been influenced. 


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