Jacintaz3 at Zippos Circus – A Review

zipos13Its been a long time since I have been to the circus….and what a way to be re-introduced to it – with my children.

I have been to the circus as a child and as a teenager. This time going as a Mum, was an entirely different experience. To watch the circus with my children and see the joy on their faces was priceless.


We were invited to watch Zippos Circus Unchained at Mitcham about 2 weeks back and everyone was quite excited. The children – obviously, me – I love the circus.

And this one promised to be spectacular – from acrobats to clowns to horse parades – there was something for everyone.

We had ringside seats and Jadyn was quite thrilled to be sitting right in front.


We started off with teeterboard acrobatics by the Tropicana Troupe where the children were quite entranced. Its quite something to see it on telly and then see it live.

We had a presentation by Odka and Stephanie with silks where they performed aerial acrobats held up by silk.


Odka is a contortionist and manages to fit herself into a bottle. She is really flexible.


We gasped as Salvatore performed aerial, breathtaking feats on the Cloud swing.


The Rastellis – the world’s greatest clowns made us all laugh with their antics. I managed to get in on the act and my family are quite ashamed that I could not throw the ball properly for the clown to catch at the end of a stick.


Hercules – the Guinness Book of Work Records champion strongman allowed a car to go over him. He is really strong  – he managed to carry several people on a pole – whew !


The world’s greatest ringmaster – Norman Barrett MBE hosted the show and introduced us to his feathered friends who were so cute. The children have decided they would love to keep budgies as pets.


Summer proudly showed off her prancing horses and the children loved this part the best. The horses were quite magnificent.

We can’t forget Emilion who provided us with witty and on going presentations that always produced a laugh.


We ended with the acrobats from the Cuban State Circus attempting some dangerous and spellbinding acts above the ring.


There was never a minute of boredom, the show flowed from one feat into the other magnificently. The children were not hungry or bored or tired (as they usually are when they are not enjoying something) and clapped and waved their lights in time to the music. There were dancers too. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly with everyone really enjoying the show.


I liked the fact that there were no restrictions to photos and videos and people were free to really enjoy the circus and build memories as they seemed fit.


We even got Norman Barrett to sign our souvenir brochure. 🙂

The circus is an excellent family outing that everyone will enjoy and being Zippos even more so. For more information – click here to  visit the website.

Disclaimer: We were provided with complimentary tickets for the family. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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