Jacintaz3 at the Nintendo Christmas party

This is a busy time of the year. Shopping, presents, meals to plan and visits to be arranged.

We have also been busy attending many events. The children are thrilled (and a little spoiled now I think) as they attend parties and premieres.

On the 30th of November, we first attended the eBay Panto at the Charing Cross Theatre and then from there went on to the Nintendo Christmas party.


I did get a bit lost on the way there and Ethan kept asking me if we were going to miss it. But we got there finally and it was well worth it.

There were different rooms where there were different playing stations set up with the Wii U. The children were transfixed and were most eager to try out the new games. We began by trying out Wii Party U and I beat them hollow. 🙂

On the others, I was nowhere near their league. Ethan was hooked on Lego City and Jadyn went off to play Mario 3D world. They were so intent in the games that I could have easily left them there and proceeded to do some shopping on Oxford Street and they wouldn’t have moved from their seats.

They were also able to try out the Nintendo 2DS which looks quite neat and is not quite so expensive.

nintendo 6

There were delicious food bags for the children with either chicken drumsticks and other bits or cheese croissants and salad etc. Sandwiches were served for the adults and there were drinks that one could help oneself too from the mini fridges. There was also cupcake decorating and Jadyn decorated two cupcakes very meticulously for her Dad and Aeryn who was unwell.

Jadyn and Ethan both enjoyed the photobooth and getting their faces painted as Mario and Peach.

I had to prise them away from the Wii U and obviously they now have to write new letters to Santa as they have decided they want the Wii U and games for Christmas. I am now sure if Santa can afford it! J

They were also given a goody bag which contained a Mario soft toy and a little key chain.

jadyn photobooth

I was really glad we attended as we had a hands-on experience of the games and the console. I think the Wii U is a great console and since it can be used with the Wii remotes, all one needs is the console. It has great HD features and what I liked about it is that the game can be taken off the television and continued on the Wii U Game Pad.

Ethan photobooth

There were gamers in each room who knew everything one could know about the games and the consoles so if one had questions, they could answer them in a flash. They showed us how to function the consoles so if I do get one, I don’t need the manual!

Thank you to the hosts and the gamers for such a wonderful party.



Disclosure: We were given a goody bag for the children at the event. All ideas and opinions expressed in the post are my own.

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