Jacintaz3 at the Kindle Mums Event

Between shopping and nativity plays and catching up with my blogging – I have been attending some amazing events.

One of these was the Kindle Mums event held at Maggie & Rose in Kensington.

I made the trip alone as I was in London for the day for another event and I was actually early for it – I think it had something to do with not having to cart a pushchair around or stop to pacify an upset toddler.

I was happy to be in London on my own for the day – of course my happiness also had something to do with being invited to this great event.

The idea of the event was to meet the Kindle Team and have a demo of the new Kindle Fire HDX and the Kindle Paper White.

I already own a Kindle ( an older model that my husband bought me for Christmas) and I loved it as I am an avid reader.

On entering, we were greeted by the Amazon Kindle team and treated to a Manicure and food and drinks. I took advantage of not having my toddler with me and got my nails done.

I got an opportunity to meet some of my fellow bloggers which is always great!

There was also an area for children to be kept occupied while we were treated by the Kindle team, so had I taken Aeryn, she would have been fine!

Mummy blogger event (1)

And then, we were given a demo of the Kindle Fire HDX and the Paper White.

kindle paper white

The Kindle Paper White is the world’s most advanced e-reader with higher contrast touch screen. It also has a built in light (which is great as my older Kindle didn’t have this feature and I needed a reading light for it). It also has new technology like Smart Flip, which means you can scan the book by chapter, page by page or go to the end without losing your place in the book. (I love this feature as sometimes I can’t wait to get to the end!)

I also like the Kindle Free Time on this for children as you can create personalised profiles for children and keep track of their reading. They are also provided with badges like Bookworm, High – flyer, Super bookworm etc which is great for encouraging reading in children.

Of course I was blown away by the Kindle Fire HDX. I was a bit gutted when I had bought my first Kindle as a month later the Kindle Fire was available in the UK. Now, here was the Kindle Fire HDX with everything a tablet could offer and more.

I love the Kindle Free Time feature which allows one to set up profiles for children and limit their time on the tablet as well as give them access to apps that are only meant for them. It is the ultimate way of keeping children safe online. There are also some other awesome features like Educational Goals which are being added to Kindle Free time which helps parents to ensure that the children complete educational tasks before playing games on the tablet.

The new Kindle Fire HDX comes with the fastest processor on a 7” tablet, exclusive HDX display, a Mayday button (which you may remember from the advertisement on telly).

My day was made when I was handed a goody bag that had a Kindle Fire HDX 7” with 4G, a stylus for children and a children’s case to take home. (I can’t tell you how thrilled I was)

kindle fire

I have been using my Kindle to catch up on my reading and the size is really handy. I have also set up profiles for the children.

I will be writing up a review of the Kindle in detail after I have used it for a while longer so be sure to come back and visit my blog. In the meantime, I can tell you that this would an ideal Christmas gift if you are thinking of getting a tablet for someone ….or yourself!

2 thoughts on “Jacintaz3 at the Kindle Mums Event

  1. Oh wow I bet it was great being early instead of turning up late, peoples eyes burning into you as your toddler yells in tiredness 🙂

    Yes I must say the limiting of kids’ time on a tablet really should be on more parents’ minds. They are used as a babysitter far too often in the same way TVs used to be lol


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