Jacintaz3 at Sky Studios at the O2: A Review

As a parent of 3 children who are bored through out the Summer vacation I am constantly looking for things to keep them busy without of course resorting to iPads. I also have to ensure that the places we choose are not very expensive as most places work out to be unaffordable with the entry charges alone. However, today’s experience was loads of fun, easy to get to and free to enter.

I was really happy to be asked to review Sky Studios on behalf of NetMums as I had checked it up on the Internet and it looked like fun.


Today seemed the perfect day to check out Sky Studios as the weather was dreary as ever and it kept raining in dribs and drabs.

It is fairly easy to get there as the Jubilee Line connects well to it. Get off at North Greenwich and the O2 lies in front of you – literally. Plus, there is access to lifts etc so there is no problem getting there with a buggy.

The O2 arena is quite impressive and today it was quite empty so the children enjoyed running around before entering.


Sky Studios is in front of you, to your left as you enter through the main entrance.

There was football and basketball to be played just before we entered the main area.If you basket the ball, you get a wristband. The football area was also fun as you got a prize if you kicked the football to different levels.


We had to leave the buggy at the reception area and walk up the stairs to the first floor where there was a photo area and the newsroom.

The photo area was great fun. You could take your photograph with celebrities and there was a wide array to choose from – Dora, Spongebob, Spiderman, the cast of Jessie and Austin and Ally (which Jadyn was thrilled with) and I had mine taken reading the news too. The best part is that, before we entered we were handed a card which we scanned after taking each photo and then we could go home and download them at home for free. Yes – you heard right. It’s free.

Here are some of the pictures we took.


Jadyn and I then tried our hands at reading the news which was loads of fun. We did pretty well but the video will only be ready in 24 hours so I could not show it on here.


We then headed upstairs where there were sports to be played. There was the Formula 1 racing which Jadyn and Ethan both tried. Ethan was a little small to reach the pedal so the staff very kindly held it down while he had a go.


They enjoyed playing golf and the gentleman there was very patient with them and taught them how to hold the golf club and what the correct stance was.


We also played a game of Batak and we did pretty well. A great way to get in shape I must say.


Unfortunately the cycling game was not working so we didn’t get to try that out.


To be honest, when I first heard about the Sky Studios experience, I thought there was be long lines and very crowded. However, the staff there were excellent and somehow managed to ensure that the wait was not too long. The games are not very long anyway so the queue keeps moving.

We all had great fun and I am sure that hubs would have enjoyed the experience too so we will be going back with him.

It was nice to find some entertainment for the children, which they enjoyed, that we didn’t have to fork out money for. Even the photos were free to download which was great.

The Sky Studios experience is open everyday from 11am – 7pm everyday during school holidays and then from 12pm – 7pm. The first floor remains the same but the second floor keeps changing every 2 – 3 months. This present gaming area will remain until the end of September.

I like the idea of there being a change as it means that people can go back to try out new experiences. I definitely know we will be doing so.

I would recommended this to any family for a fun filled morning or afternoon. It may not be great for young children but the photo area managed to keep my 3 year old happy. She even played some basketball!

If you are visiting the O2, definitely drop by. The entire experience takes about an hour but if you are planning a day out there is plenty more to do at the O2.

We all enjoyed the Sky Studios experience and we shall be checking the website to see what new scenarios there are in store for us to check out.


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