Jacintaz3 at Aliens Love Underpants Live: A Review

We were privileged to be invited to a special performance of Aliens Love Underpants Live.

Now with kids aliens and underpants are very popular. And naturally so is the book. Who hasn’t read Aliens Love Underpants?

The children think it’s hilarious and we read it very often. You can imagine the excitement at being told they were going to see it on stage.

Aliens Love Underpants Live is an entertaining family show that the children will love. The music is great and the characters suited to the part. The children were quite intrigued as ti how they change their costumes so fast.

For the hour that the show took I didn’t get the I’m hungry or tired a day the kids sat spell bound, laughing in delight at the aliens antics.

The actors came onto the stage to ask what everyone’s favourite pants were and this set the tone with the children laughing and shouting out. There….er…may have been some adults shouting out their favourite pants too!! I now know that the lady beside me likes spotty pants! Oh My!!

The show began in a school room with the teacher and students talking about space and there is a really nice song to begin with. We then travel to one of the boy’s houses to find his mother despairing about pants going missing. The boy then gets a visit from some aliens and I will not spoil it for you. You need to go and see it.

Harrison Spiers in ALIENS LOVE UNDERPANTS photo credit sjsphoto - Copy

The sets are colourful and as I mentioned earlier, the changes are done so well that you never feel like you are waiting for something to happen. The aliens are puppets and not actors themselves which is a lovely touch. It is done so well that you don’t lose focus of the aliens even though the actors are beside them talking for them.

We loved the interaction with the children and time really flew.

I must say as a parent I quite enjoyed it myself.  It is not a word to word recreation of the book which makes it more interesting.

I would definitely recommend you taking the children to it.

The show runs for 55 minutes and there is no interval but as I said time flew and we didn’t even realise that it was over. We didn’t want it to be really.

You can find out more at the Aliens Love Underpants Live. You can also download some fun activity packs here so that the fun continues.


The children were also invited to a little tea party afterwards and got to have their pictures taken with the Aliens.

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